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Recently Published Articles

Reich, C., Shinn, E. A., Hickey, T. D., and Tihansky, A. B., 1998, Shallow groundwater transport in highly permeable limestones in the Florida Keys: A tracer experiment: The Association for Ground Water Scientists and Engineers, National Ground Water Association National Convention, Program with Abstracts, p. 179-180.
    • Based on fluorescent dye studies, marine ground water in the upper Florida Keys was observed flowing in a net direction from Florida Bay to the Atlantic Ocean with a maximum velocity of 2.5 m/d.
    • Water-level differences between Florida Bay and the Atlantic were determined to be the primary driving force behind groundwater flow. Water level in the bay is typically 12 to 15 cm higher, on average, than that in the Atlantic.
    • The most interesting results were observed when strong winds were out of the east and southeast. Winds from these directions depressed the bay water level and raised the ocean level, causing groundwater flow direction to reverse into Florida Bay.

Publications Sent to Geologic Division Publications Groups

  • Baker, J.L., Unger, T.S., and Valentine, P.C., 1998, Using GIS and remote sensing technologies to map the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary region off Boston [abs.]: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  • Bratton, J.F., 1998, Clathrato-eustasy: Methane hydrate melting as a mechanism for geologically rapid sea-level fall. Outside Publication "Geology."

  • Brooks, G.R., Doyle, L.J., Suthard, B.C., and DeWitt, N.T., Inner West-Central Florida continental shelf; sedimentary facies and facies associations: Open-File Report.

  • Butman, B., Danforth, W., Schwab, W.C., and ten Brink, M., 1998, Multibeam Bathymetric and Backscatter Maps of the Upper Hudson Shelf Valley and Adjacent Shelf, Offshore of New York. Open File Report.

  • Colman, S.M., Rosenbaum, J.G., Reynolds, R.L., and Sarna-Wojcicki, A.M., 1998, Post-Mazama (7 ka) faulting beneath Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Outside Publication "Geology."

  • Denny, J.F., O'Brien, T.F., Schwab, W.S., Danforth, W.W., Cross, V.A., Foster, D.S., Polloni, C., Swift, B.A., Thieler, R.T., 1998, Advances in sea floor mapping technology: U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Field Center, Sea Floor Mapping Group [abs.]: Geological Society of America.

  • Denny, J.F., Schwab, W.C., Danforth, W.W., O'Brien, T.F., Foster, D.S., Nichols, D., and Irwin, B., 1998, Archive of Sidescan-Sonar Data and DGPS Navigation Data Collected During USGS Cruise Alph98013, 10 September—23 September, 1998. USGS Open-File Report 98-590.

  • Eittreim, S.L., Anima, R.J., and Stevenson, A.J., in press, Seafloor geology on the Monterey Bay continental shelf [abs.]: Meeting of Pacific Section, AAPG, April 28-May 2, 1999, Monterey, California.

  • Fildani, Andrea, Normark, William R., and Reid, Jane A., in press, Which came first: Monterey Canyon or fan?--Elemental architecture of central California turbidite systems [abs.]: Meeting of Pacific Section, AAPG, April 28-May 2, 1999, Monterey, California.

  • Halley, R.B., It's phosphorite on Navassa: That's no guano [abs.]: Southeastern Section GSA Meeting, March 24-26, Athens, GA.

  • Kvenvolden, Keith A., in press, Extraterrestrial amino acids in the Murchison meteorite--Re-evaluation after thirty years: Perspectives in Amino Acid and Protein Geochemistry, Proceedings of a Symposium.

  • Lorenson, Thomas D., and the ODP Leg 164 Shipboard Scientific party, in press, Graphic summary of gas hydrate occurrence and proxy measurements across the Blake Ridge, Sites 994, 995, and 997: Ocean Drilling Program Leg 164 scientific results volume.

  • McGann, Mary, in press, Vertical distribution of foraminifers, including the non-indigenous species Trochammina hadai, in south San Francisco Bay [abs.]: (Fourth Biennial) State of the Estuary Conference, March 17-19, 1999.

  • Mecray, E.L., and Buchholtz ten Brink, M.R., 1998, Contaminant Distribution and Accumulation in Sediments of Long Island Sound: Initial Results. Fact Sheet.

  • Morton, R.A., Kindinger, J.K., Flocks, J.G., and Stewart, L.B., Climatic-eustatic control of Holocene nearshore parasequence development, SE Texas coast [abs.]: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (spring 1999).

  • Ross, Stephanie L., Ryan, Holly F., and Stevenson, Andrew J., in press, Sidescan sonar and seismic reflection data over the San Gregorio fault between Pillar Point and Pescadero [abs.]: AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 6-10, 1998, San Francisco, California.

  • Schwab, W.C., Thieler, E.R., Allen,, J.R., Foster, D.S., Swift, B.A., and Denny, J.F., 1998, Influence of Inner-Shelf Geologic Framework on the Evolution and Behavior of the Barrier Island System Between Fire Island Inlet and Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island, New York. Journal of Coastal Research.

  • Schwab, W.C., Thieler, E.R., Foster, D.S., Swift, B.A., Denny, J.F., Danforth, W.W., and Allen, J.S., 1998, The influence of antecedent geology on the coastal sediment budget of southern Long Island, New York [abs.]: Geological Society of America.

  • Shinn, E.A., Water quality in the Florida Keys: Schizophrenia in paradise [abs.]: Southeastern Section GSA Meeting, March 24-26, Athens, GA.

  • Swarzenski, P., and Holmes, C., Examining Freshwater/Saltwater Interface Processes with Four Radium Isotopes: Fact Sheet.

  • Thieler, E.R., Schwab, W.C., Allison, M.A., Denny, J.F., and Danforth, W.W., 1998, Sidescan-Sonar Imagery of the Inner Shelf, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Open File Report.

  • Twichell, D.C., and Able, K.W., 1998, Response of an inner shelf sand ridge to storms [abs.]: Geological Society of America.

  • Twichell, D.C., Paskevich, V., and Delorey, C., 1998, Gloria Sidescan sonar Field Data and Navigation Data Collected off Puerto Rico in 1985 and the Eastern United States in 1987. Open File Report.

  • Unger, T.S., Baker, J.L., and Valentine, P.C., 1998, Sea floor sediment mapping based on acoustic backscatter strength: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary [abs.]: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  • Valentine, P.C., Baker, J.L., and Unger, T.S., 1998, Glacial and modern sea floor features in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary region off Boston, Massachusetts [abs.]: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs.

  • Valentine, P.C., Unger, T.S., and Baker, J.L., 1999, Sun-Illuminated Sea Floor Topography of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary off Boston, Massachusetts. U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-xxxx, scale 1:60,000, 1 sheet.

  • Winters, W.J., 1998, Stress history and geotechnical properties of sediment from the Cape Fear Diapir, Blake Ridge Diapir and Blake Ridge: ODP Leg 164. Ocean Drilling Program Scientific Results, v. 164.

  • Wong, Florence L., Eittreim, Stephen L., Degnan, Carolyn H., and Lee, Wilson C., in press, USGS GIS for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary [abs.]: Meeting of Pacific Section, AAPG, April 28-May 2, 1999, Monterey, California.

  • Wong, Florence L., Eittreim, Stephen L., Degnan, Carolyn H., and Lee, Wilson C., in press, USGS GIS for the Monterey Sanctuary [abs.]: Coastal GeoTools '99, April 1999, Charleston, South Carolina.

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