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Arrivals & Departures—Woods Hole Field Center

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Courtney Harris joined the Woods Hole Field Center Sediment Transport Group on January 4, as a USGS Post-Doctoral Investigator. Courtney recently received her Ph.D. from the Environmental Sciences Department of the University of Virginia. She will be working with Rich Signell on 3-D numerical modeling of sediment transport.

Jessica Cote joined the Woods Hole Field Center Sediment Transport Group at the Marine Operations Facility on January 25, as an Oak Ridge Intern. Jessica recently received her Master's Degree in Ocean Engineering from Oregon State University. She will be working with Marinna Martini on the Georges Bank Project and with acoustic-doppler current meters.

Jenna Hill, an Environmental Science/Geology major at Oberlin College, returned to the WHFC this month as a volunteer working with Dave Foster on archiving single-channel seismic data on CD-ROM. The final product will be a series of CD-ROM Open-File Reports for the New York Long Island Mapping Project. The methods that have been developed will be applied to archiving data for other projects.

Duryea Delacroix, a student at Oberlin College, joined the WHFC Pollution Group this month as a volunteer and is assisting Ellen Mecray in the Sediment Lab with sediment sample processing, core cutting, and data entry.

A welcome back to the WHFC MOF to Kippie Morris, high school student, who took a leave of absence for a winning soccer season. Thanks to Emily Edwards for filling in during Kippie's absence.

Three very important players from the Woods Hole Field Center team retired this month. We will miss them and their varied and valuable contributions to the team. Our very best wishes for a happy retirement go to: Bob Commeau, Geologist, Bill Strahle, Electronics Engineer, and Mary Ellen Williams, Outreach Coordinator.

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