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Coastal & Marine Geology Program Staff Particpates in Atlantic Margin Workshop

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An "Atlantic Margin Hydrogeology Workshop" took place at the Holiday Inn, Washington/ Dulles on March 16-17. Paul Barlow, Water Resources Division (WRD), and Frank Manheim, Geologic Division (GD), convened the workshop. Interest in the workshop was heightened by the development of new cooperative groundwater initiatives between the National Ground-Water Resources Program (WRD) and the National Geologic Mapping Program (NGMP), a new (FY 1999) USGS National coastal hydrology initiative, and other GD and BRD activities.

Among over 40 participants, all four divisions were represented, including: Chief Geologist, Pat Leahy; WRD Ground-Water Chief, Bill Alley; Coastal & Marine Geology (C&MG) Coordinator, Jeff Williams and C&MG Program Scientist, Peter Barnes; NGMP Coordinator, John Pallister; and Eastern Regional Geologist, Dave Russ. C&MG Woods Hole Chief Scientist, Debbie Hutchinson, gave a presentation on C&MG studies pertinent to coastal GW hydrology. Other C&MG presenters from the St. Pete Center included Gene Shinn, Jack Kindinger, and Peter Swarzenski. John Bratton, Geologist from Woods Hole, also attended. Acting St. Pete Center Chief, Terry Edgar, served as a chairman of a working group and convened a planning discussion the evening before the meeting with southeastern WRD representatives. Brian Edwards (C&MG, Menlo Park) reviewed West Coast activities and coastal hydrology plans at this session. A final report with summaries and recommendations regarding potential future cooperative programs is expected in about two months.

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