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Recent Activities in the Western Region Benthic Habitat Project: Cruising Above and Below the Surface

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Guy Cochrane prepares sub for a dive
Guy Cochrane prepares a Deepworker 2000 submersible for a dive in Lake Washington (Seattle) off the NOAA Sand Point Pier.
Guy Cochrane and Mike Boyle collected sidescan-sonar and 4-kHz subbottom seismic data in the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) recently. Two weeks were spent at sea, though much of the time was marginal for operations due to bad weather. Approximately 100 km2 of data were collected south of Santa Rosa and San Miguel Islands. A few additional lines were shot South of Anacapa Island. These data extend the sidescan coverage of the sanctuary that was obtained in 1998 north of Anacapa Island. Additional fish refuge areas have been surveyed or will be surveyed along the Santa Barbara area coast.

Guy Cochrane also recently completed his second submersible pilot training session in preparation for the Sustainable Seas Expedition (see photograph). A two-week dive cruise, using NOAA ships and one-man submersibles built by Nuytco Inc., will be made in each of the National Marine Sanctuaries every year for the next five years. Sustainable Seas dives in the CINMS will be used to groundtruth the existing sidescan-sonar imagery and to observe the faunal assemblages in the different habitats mapped. The second submersible pilot training session focused on use of sonar for navigating a submersible in low-visibility conditions. The class was held at the NOAA Dive Center at Lake Washington, Seattle. Visibility was extremely poor in the lake and sometimes very low above water as well, because of wind-driven rain and hail.

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