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WHFC Sponsors Women's Advisory Committee Meeting

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The Women's Advisory Committee (WAC) held their annual spring meeting in Woods Hole from May 18-20. The committee is comprised of four women from each of the three regional centers plus two representatives from the Field Centers for a total of fourteen. Twelve women participated in the meeting.

Phyllis Lyday, Lydia Quintana, and WAC President Lee Roberts represented the Eastern Region. Jackie Williams, Zoe Ann Brown, Maggie Bolger, and Rebecca Eldridge represented the Central Region. WAC Vice President Paulette Zamora, Quenton Smith-Costello, Kathleen Braustein, and Jane Ciener represented the Western Region, and Ellen Mecray from Woods Hole represented the Field Centers. Cathey Macrall, another Field Center representative, was not present from her assignment in Albuquerque, and Harriet Moran was missing from the Eastern Region team.

The WAC was formed in 1991 by the Chief Geologist to represent the work force to the Policy Council. Although the name implies that the committee represents women, some notable accomplishments (such as the alternate work schedule) have benefited all employees. In addition to their regular agenda, members of the WAC also met with the Woods Hole Team Chief Scientist, Debbie Hutchinson. She welcomed them to Woods Hole, introduced them to the science conducted at the WHFC, and briefly identified some of the primary local concerns, which included temporary, term, and contract hiring processes, as well as how to get scientists involved in WAC issues.

On Tuesday afternoon, the WAC members toured the facilities of the WHFC. Highlights included seeing the Scanning Electron Microscope operated by Judy Commeau, hearing about gas hydrates from Bill Winters and Dave Mason, wandering the halls to see posters of ongoing projects, and talking with the scientists and team members. Wednesday afternoon, more than 20 Field Center employees attended an open forum hosted by the WAC and the following topics were discussed: outreach—it's role, scope, and incentives to perform; training—managerial classes and other classes to enhance job performance; contract and temporary hiring, and the inequality in take-home pay between contractors; the need for inclusion of these types of hires in the demographics study; career counseling, WAC's initiative to develop career ladders, and the concept of lateral advancement.

While the members were on the Cape, they visited Martha's Vineyard for dinner on Tuesday night and were graciously entertained by Field Center members at a potluck dinner hosted by Kathy Catanach-Scanlon. The members expressed positive feedback on the meeting and of the overall welcome in the Woods Hole community. Please consult the WAC home page for the full minutes of the 1999 Spring meeting as well as other WAC events and actions. You may contact members of the WAC through email at wac_current@mailrvag2.er.usgs.gov.

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