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Long Island Coring Meeting

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As part of an ongoing USGS—ACE joint project to understand sediment resources and beach nourishment off southern Long Island, Bill Schwab (WHFC) visited the ACE, NY District Office in Manhattan on April 27 to discuss the results of recent ACE coring efforts off southern Long Island.

The coring program was designed to identify sediment resources suitable for use in planned beach-nourishment programs. Core locations were selected based on the C&MP seafloor mapping efforts (a program cost-shared with the Corps) and focused on Pleistocene sediment accumulations.

Although many of the cores were composed of relatively "clean" sand, they were identified as being too fine-grained for use as beach-nourishment material. Thus, the Corps was considering conducting another coring program this summer to explore for coarser-grained sands. However, when Bill Schwab analyzed the core textural data, he found that much of the sand identified as unsuitable was virtually identical to the sediment currently found on the adjacent barrier islands and on modern ebb-tidal deltas. Furthermore, comparison of the designated "suitable" sediment with USGS and Corps data revealed that the sediment they were looking for has probably never existed in this coastal system.

The positive outcome of this meeting is that the ACE coring program further verified the accuracy of the C&MP mapping interpretations, and the Corps is now considering modifying the criteria used to identify suitable nourishment material for the Fire Island barrier-island system.

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