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Florida-Alabama-Mississippi Consortium of Geological Surveys

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The Alabama Geological Survey was host to an organizational meeting with the purpose of forming a consortium including The Florida Geological Survey, Geological Survey of Alabama, and Mississippi Bureau of Geology. The two-day meeting was held in Mobile, Alabama, on June 22-23 and was attended by the three State Geologists, Walt Schmidt (Florida), Don Oltz (Alabama), and Cragin Knox (Mississippi). Other state participants were Ron Hoenstine (FGS), Amy Granes (FGS), Bob Mink (GSA), Richard Hummel (GSA), Jack Moody (MOG), Keil Schmid (MOG), and Bob Woolsey (University of Mississippi).

Discussions on the first day concerned coastal issues pertaining to each of the states, capabilities, and areas of possible cooperative studies. It was interesting to note that the topics compiled by the states look very similar to the seven GD Strategic Science goals, and their issues look very similar to our primary CMGP issues.

On the second day, selected federal agencies were invited to participate, including the USGS, Corp of Engineers (USACE), Mineral Management Service (MMS), and National Research Council (NRC). Representatives present from each of the agencies were Jack Kindinger, Gary Hill, and Ellen Raabe of USGS CMGP (St. Pete), Susan Rees of USACE (Mobile), John Rowland and Carol Hartgen of MMS (Herdon), and Dan Walker of the NRC (D.C.). Jack K., Susan R., John R. and Dan W. gave overviews of relevant federal programs. Following the overview presentations, Richard Hummel recapped the state priority lists with an open discussion of suggestions and possible cooperation between states and between state and federal agencies. The meeting concluded with each State Geologist signing a Memo of Understanding with each of the other states, effectively forming a three-state consortium.

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