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New Staff

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Venilda Castro is our newest hire. She will be working with folks at the Marine Facility (Marfac) in an administrative and secretarial capacity two or three days a week, with the rest of her time spent in the Administrative Office.

Ryuzo Ozaki is a visiting scientist from Japan working with Rob Kayen.

We have one new student appointment, Anthony Schuetze, who is helping Jim Hein.

Bruce Jaffe has a new independent contractor, Chris Martin, who is based in Santa Cruz.

We have four new (or relatively new) ECO employees: Jennifer Martin, from National Geologic Mapping, is working with Marlene Noble.

Wendy Dahl is assisting Brian Edwards.

Kathy Presto, from Georgia, is helping Mike Torresan in the Sedimentary Lab.

Britt Argow is working with Guy Gelfenbaum.

There's also one new face we haven't welcomed in print yet. We have a new Torresan in CMG-a baby boy, Mario, born to Mike and Laura on April 4. Most of us have had a chance to cuddle him already.

Jason Yonehiro joined the WHFC on June 1, as a summer WHOI Minority Intern. He came from the University of California, Santa Cruz and is working with John Bratton on the Chesapeake Bay project.

Adrienne Hollen joined the WRD team at the WHFC on June 1, as an ECO hire. Adrienne graduated in May from Penn State (check her license number!) with a degree in geography and is working with Eric Sundquist on GIS and historical research on estimating the effects of land use on the U.S. carbon balance.

Andee Marksamer joined the WHFC on June 3. She is a student at Wesleyan College and is working this summer with Page Valentine on habitats studies.

Sarah Barnett joined the WHFC on June 7, as a USGS summer hire. She comes from Portsmouth, VA, and is working with Fausto Marincioni on the Marine Realms Information Bank.

Jeff Nealon joined the WHFC on June 14, as an ECO hire. He is working with Bill Dillon and Uri ten Brink on geophysics studies.

Dave Walsh joined the WHFC on June 16, as an ECO hire. He recently graduated from Hobart College in New York with a BS in Geology. He is working in the sediment lab with Larry Poppe.

Andrew King joined the WHFC on June 21, as a summer WHOI Minority Intern. He is from the University of California, San Diego and will be working with the Pollution Group at the WHOI/USGS gamma counting facility on sediment cores from the New York Bight and Long Island Sound to determine sedimentation rates.

Ronald "Steve" Stork joined the WHFC staff at the St Pete. Office on June 23 as a USGS summer hire. Steve is a student at USF and will be working with Fausto Marincioni on the WHFC Marine Realms Information Bank.

Kathy Konicki joined the WHFC on June 23, as an ECO hire. She recently received her Master's Degree from Oregon State University in Geological Oceanography and is working with Jeff List and Amy Farris on the SWASH and LIDAR Shoreline Change Projects.

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