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Sediment Database Design Nears Completion; Interest Invited

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The Atlantic Margin Offshore Aggregate Assessment project has received the draft final design structure for a relational sediment database. Sing Chan of Multimax Corporation, Largo, MD, recently delivered the design after extensive interactions with CMG staff. The database is designed to accommodate most existing sediment databases at Woods Hole, as well as other CMG data, and other databases stored at State Geological Surveys along the Atlantic margin, MMS, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The existing table structures provide for project and location information, sediment texture, mineralogy, lithology, stratigraphy, and chemistry, as well as glossary and reference tables. Modifications are still being made and will continue through the forthcoming data migration phase.

The database is intended for use by scientists and technical staff without extensive database management software training, and to serve cooperative projects. The initial system is in Microsoft Access but is designed for future upgrades.

Contact Frank Manheim (fmanheim@usgs.gov) or Polly Hastings (phastings@usgs.gov) for more information or if you are interested in being put on an e-mail list relating to this development. Please include the kind of applications you have in mind.

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