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USGS at Shark Festival / Sanctuary Celebration

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festival photos
Children enjoy inspecting rock samples (left), sampling Monterey Bay sediment (center), and coloring (right) at CMG's booth at the Santa Cruz Shark Festival and Sanctuary Celebration..

Steve, Carolyn, and Helen
From left to right: Steve Eittreim, Carolyn Degnan, and Helen Gibbons.
A USGS booth organized by Carolyn Degnan and run by CMG folks fascinated visitors to the Shark Festival/Sanctuary Celebration held in Santa Cruz, California, on Sept. 18. This annual event combines a celebration of the establishment of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (7 years old this year) with informational booths about sharks, marine mammals, intertidal organisms, rocks and sediment (that's us!), and other elements that make the sanctuary special. The festival's location on the Santa Cruz Wharf put us right over the waters of Monterey Bay. Rendy Keaten and Roger Lewis took advantage of this position by periodically lowering a miniature Van Veen and pulling up samples of bay sediment for visitors to examine under microscopes set up in the booth. For additional viewing, Rendy prepared a set of slides showing various species of foraminifera from Pacific waters. On the other side of the booth, visitors could examine sand samples from beaches around the Pacific and try to match some of them to their source rocks. For the artistically inclined, a poster of coastal hazards was available for coloring. The numerous booklets and teacher packets we handed out delighted teachers, Scout leaders, and other interested adults. Children and adults crowded the booth all day, sometimes leaving no room for the CMG employees who helped to staff it (in addition to those named above): Helen Gibbons, Steve Eittreim, Carol Reiss, Jane Reid, Bill Adams, Maria Adams (Volunteer), and Kristin Brown. Florence Wong, Mary McGann, Kevin Evans, Chris Gutmacher, Pete Dartnell, Clint Steele, Michael Hamer, Dan Mosier, and Herschel Lelaind provided additional materials and assistance. Many thanks to all who contributed to a successful and fun day!

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