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Hugh Guthrie, from the Department of Energy Program of Gas Hydrate Research Support, and Jim Bartis of Rand Corporation visited Bill Dillon and Debbie Hutchinson at the Woods Hole Field Center on September 13th to tour the gas hydrate research lab. This was the first meeting to explore mechanisms of improved government-industry cooperation for gas hydrate studies. (Rand is advising DOE on this matter.) Subsequent meetings are planned which will include petroleum companies. The negotiations that Bill Dillon presently has underway with Chevron Petroleum Technology Company are expected to be a model for such cooperative efforts. The WHFC hopes to bring a Chevron scientist into the gas hydrate laboratory (GHASTLI) as a USGS Industrial Research Associate. The cooperators also envision joint gas hydrate sampling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the transfer of seismic and other data from Chevron to USGS for research use. DOE and Rand propose to develop and formalize such government/industry co-ops.

After attending the Ocean Studies Board meeting in Woods Hole during the week of August 2nd, Jeff Williams, Program Coordinator for Coastal and Marine Geology, spent August 5-6 at the Center. He talked with the staff about FY 2000 projects and funding and used the opportunity to put out some Reston "brush fires."

Simon Cargill from Potomac Management Group in Virginia visited the WHFC on August 23-24 as part of his Division-wide inventory of data and databases that are not Y2K compliant.

His inventory resulted in the identification of about 30 data sets at the Center, although only some of these are considered high-priority for addressing Y2K concerns.

Virginia Burkett from BRD (Lafayette, LA) visited the WHFC on August 13th to talk with Rob Thieler about sea-level issues and to Debbie Hutchinson about Coastal and Marine studies in general.

Suzanne O'Connell from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, visited Debbie Hutchinson and Bill Schwab on August 13 to discuss renewal of the Wesleyan-USGS Cooperative Agreement. In the past this agreement has been the mechanism for using the Wesleyan SIS-1000, as a back-up for the Woods Hole sidescan system, and for having numerous Wesleyan students working in Woods Hole during the summer.

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