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Tea & Crumpets Seminar Series

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Many thanks to the speakers and hosts who have made the Tea and Crumpets Series between St. Petersburg GD Center for Coastal Geology (CFCG) and Gainesville BRD Florida Caribbean Science Center (FCSC) successful. Talks to the end of 1999 include:

Speaker/Affiliation Location of Talk Date
Bob Dorazio/BRD, FCSC St. Petersburg 09/16/99
Title: "Estimation of Individual Growth Rates from the Sizes of Recaptured Fish, Mollusks, and Other Earthly Beasts: Problems, Promises, and Reality"
Tim Gross/BRD, FCSC St. Petersburg 10/07/99
Title: "Lake Apopka Revisited: Wildlife Ecotoxicology and Lessons in Remediation and Restoration"
Peter Swarzenski/GD, CFCG Gainesville 10/14/99
Title: "A Biogeochemical Comparison of Two Anoxic Basins: Framvaren Fjord (Norway) and Lake Tanganyika"
Don DeAngelis/BRD, FCSC St. Petersburg 10/21/99
Title: "Can Modeling Play a Useful Role in Restoration Ecology? Some Applications in the Everglades"
Peter Swarzenski St. Petersburg 11/09/99
Title: "A Biogeochemical Comparison of Two Anoxic Basins: Framvaren Fjord (Norway) and Lake Tanganyika"
Dennis Krohn/GD, CFCG Gainesville 11/16/99
Title: "The Tail of the Dragon: Observations from the Center for Coastal Geology's Storm Response Program"
Tom Smith/BRD, FCSC St. Petersburg 11/18/99
Title: "Ecosystem Function and Biodiversity Gradients in the Mangroves of Micronesia"

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