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Sustainable Seas Meeting at Mote Marine Laboratory

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meeting attendees
Among the attendees at the SSE meeting were John Ogden, Sylvia Earle, Kumar Mahadevan, Lisa Robbins, and Walt Japp (Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission).
The Sustainable Seas Expedition (SSE) convened a meeting at Mote Marine Laboratory located in Sarasota, Florida, on Monday, February 21. The meeting was lead by Dr. Sylvia Earle (Scientist in Residence at the National Geographic Society) and was attended by a number of participants including Lisa Robbins (SPFC), Kumar Mahadevan (Mote Marine Laboratory), John Ogden (Florida Institute of Oceanography), Mark Luther and David Naar (USF), and John McDonough and Steve Gittings (NOAA).

Dr. Earle gave a 10-minute video presentation about her recent submersible dives in Hawaii. The video was produced by the National Geographic Society. Much of the discussion with the group was centered around the 52 days of ship and submarine time that SSE will have in Florida this summer. Ten to 14 days will be dedicated to explorations outside the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in the Dry Tortugas. Explorations will include surveying operations, use of a submersibile, and ROV in association with the possible installation of several in-situ monitoring instruments.Target locations were discussed after short presentations from Dr. David Mallinson, Mark Luther, and David Naar (USF).

The next day, John McDonough and Steve Gittings (NOAA) met with SPFC researchers Terry Edgar, Bob Halley, Jack Kindinger, and Mark Hansen at the St. Petersburg Center for Coastal Geology.

For the most up-to-date information on this project, including field plans for FY 2000, visit the SSE Web site.

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