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Gene Shinn, Chris Reich, and Don Hickey Receive SEPM Award

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At the SEPM awards banquet held on April 18th during the annual AAPG-SEPM convention in New Orleans, Gene Shinn, Chris Reich, and Don Hickey received the 1999 Excellence of Oral Presentation award for their paper, "Tidal Pumping as a Diagenetic Agent." The paper is a by-product of the Florida Keys Groundwater-Flow and Seepage Project, funded by the Coastal and Marine Geology and Place-Based Studies Programs. The paper describes how in a limestone environment tidal pumping resulting from tidal fluctuation on one side of an island barrier can lead either to porosity occlusion or porosity enhancement depending on water chemistry. In areas of high salinity and carbonate saturation, such as in the Persian Gulf, the process can stimulate cementation and porosity occlusion. In areas of under-saturated water such as in the Florida Keys, dissolution leads to increased porosity. Although the study was intended to track the flow of sewage in the Keys, the findings can be extrapolated to the hydrocarbon environment. The linear trend (either porosity or no porosity) forced on the process by a barrier island has implications for explaining reservoir distribution and quality in ancient limestones. The tidal-pumping study is an example of how a fundamental idea can arise from an applied research problem.

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