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Pollution Scientists Working with Other Agencies

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Marilyn ten Brink and Mike Bothner (WHFC) have been working with colleagues in the USGS Water Resources Division (WRD), NOAA, and various universities to strengthen interdisciplinary research and improve the transfer of scientific findings to environmental managers. Marilyn represented the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP) at the annual liaison meeting held March 2nd for the New England Coastal Basins study unit of WRD's National Water Quality Assessment Program. She was also the CMGP representative at the spring meeting on March 10th of the Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine (RARGOM). Marilyn presented a talk on "Sewage Sludge, Contaminants, and Marine Geology in the New York Bight" at the weekly seminar series (March 13) in the WRD office in Northborough, MA. Discussion included the similarity of problems associated with contaminated sediments in both fresh and marine systems. At Northborough, Marilyn also met with Peter Wieskel and Rob Breault (WRD) to discuss the joint CMGP/WRD work on pollutant accumulation in the Charles River. The heavily urbanized Charles River drains into the polluted Boston Inner Harbor and is targeted by EPA to be remedied to a "swimable and fishable state" within 5 years. Marilyn and Mike Bothner participated in a workshop on "Monitoring in the Gulf of Maine" that brought scientists and environmental managers together to establish a framework for improving integration of science and management decisions affecting environmental quality of the gulf. The workshop was held at the National Academy of Science (NAS) Johnson Center in Woods Hole from April 12-14 and was sponsored by RARGOM with support from EPA and the USGS.

Collaborators Tony Paulson (NOAA, Sandy Hook Lab), Ellen Thomas (Wesleyan University), and Jim Latimer (EPA, Narragansett) visited Woods Hole in March and April to discuss ongoing joint projects with Marilyn ten Brink and Ellen Mecray and to collect samples from USGS archives. Tony is interested in the impact of pollutants on fisheries in the New York Bight. Ellen is working on characterizing the response of foraminifera in Long Island Sound to anthropogenic and environmental stress, and Jim is interested in the accumulation of organic contaminants that occur in conjunction with the metal and bacterial pollutants that have been identified in Long Island Sound.

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