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Data Integration Meeting with NOAA and USGS

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Participants: This composite photo shows meeting participants from left to right: Jason Link, Frank Almeida, Roger Theroux, Marilyn ten Brink, Larry Poppe, Polly Hastings, Chris Polloni, and Frank Manheim.
On July 19th, the WHFC hosted a meeting to discuss the integration of ~30 years of NOAA benthic data with USGS sediment data from the same period of time. Those in attendance were: Jason Link, Frank Almeida, and Roger Theroux (National Marine Fisheries Service, Woods Hole); Marilyn ten Brink, Larry Poppe, Polly Hastings and Chris Polloni (USGS, Woods Hole); and Frank Manheim (USGS, Reston).

Frank Almeida briefed the group on the current status of a NMFS proposal that was funded to perform a data rescue of the historical benthic data that have been collected at the Woods Hole Laboratory (principally by Theroux and others which includes ~170,000 records from 11,700 sites). Polly has had some experience with evaluating this data set and reported that approximately 25% of the data overlie the USGS sediment database.

Most of the discussion centered on issues of compatibility and data types. The NMFS will be hiring a database specialist for this data rescue activity. Their plans are to build a documented database of the benthic macro-fauna data collected from 1881-1975 in a common format linked to the USGS East Coast Continental Shelf Margin GIS containing surficial geology and contaminant content. Once the NMFS database person is on board and familiar with the NMFS data, there will be another session to resolve any issues that may remain in merging the data with the USGS Continental Shelf Margin data set. An initial release on CD-ROM is planned with eventual publication on the WWW.

Frank Manheim briefed us on the larger database dictionary being developed for the National Sand and Gravel Assessment Project that he is coordinating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Minerals Management Service, and NOAA. Other individuals who will be participating in this effort are Brad Butman, Jeff Williams, Jamey Reid, and Jack Hathaway (WHFC). It was generally agreed that a follow-up meeting would be held in September to finalize the plans for the NOAA/USGS data integration.

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