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Continued Benthic-Habitat Mapping and Submersible Dives in the Channel Islands

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  Guy Cochrane piloting the Deepworker sub
End of the Dive: Guy Cochrane pilots the Deepworker submersible back to NOAA's R/V MacArthur at the end of a dive.
Guy Cochrane, Fred Payne, and Mike Boyle participated in the California Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary leg of the 2000 Sustainable Seas Expedition (SSE) in June and July (USGS field op M-1-00-SC). This activity is the second year in which they have participated in a SSE to a National Marine Sanctuary. This expedition was the latest in a series of field activities in the Channel Islands (see previous Sound Waves articles below). Guy piloted the Deepworker submersible for video-groundtruthing of sidescan-sonar data. Fred and Mike operated the Klein 2000 sidescan system at night and collected approximately 100 km2 of new data in the sanctuary. This year's new submersible was rated to dive to a depth of 2,000 ft, and Sylvia Earle made one 2,000-ft dive. A typical dive began in about 500 ft of water and proceeded up slope or along an isobath. More information about the project is available on the Nearshore Benthic Habitat Project web pages.

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