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USGS Scientists Participate in Ocean Science Forums in Washington, DC

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Mike Bothner and Maine Congressman Tom Allen
Mike Bothner and Maine Congressman Tom Allen, co-chair of the House Oceans Caucus, who has great interest in the marine science and environmental health of the coastal ocean.
On July 17th and 18th, Bill Dillon and Mike Bothner (WHFC) presented briefings to the House Oceans Caucus on their work on gas hydrates and Boston Harbor pollution. The purpose of the forums was to compile and evaluate information necessary for the Caucus to develop legislation on a wide range of pressing marine issues.

On July 17th, Bill Dillon (WHFC) and Tim Collett (Denver) of the USGS Gas Hydrates Project participated in the International Ocean Science Day hosted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and held at the AAAS headquarters. Briefings were provided on the topics: "Fisheries," "Pollution & Health," and "Gas Hydrates--Implications for Energy, Climate, and Marine Ecosystems." Bill and Tim provided two of the three presentations on gas hydrates, including discussions on the potential impact on climate, seafloor stability, and energy resources. The USGS work was also highlighted in two of the four briefings regarding fisheries. Felicia Coleman of Florida State University displayed the Woods Hole Field Center sidescan imagery and gave great praise to Kathy Scanlon (WHFC). Peter Auster (National Marine Fisheries) during his presentation used USGS bottom photographs (collected by systems developed by Dann Blackwood and Ken Parolski of the WHFC), and credited Page Valentine (WHFC) for his seafloor-characterization studies. The results of these briefings were to be summarized for Congress by Jane Lubchenco, former President of AAAS.

On July 18th, Mike Bothner (WHFC) participated in the forum, "Oceans for the New Millennium, Developing and Implementing Ocean Policy." This forum was hosted by AGU and AAAS and was held at the House Cannon Caucus Room. Mike emphasized the value of detailed mapping and oceanographic modeling in the panel discussion on pollution, "Impacts of Non-Point Source Pollution on the Coastal Ocean," and highlighted the USGS contributions to management decisions from our research in Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. The information presented during both forums will assist in setting an aggressive agenda for ocean policy legislation for the later part of the 106th Congress and the 107th Congress.

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