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Student Achievement Awards

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Three students working with Frank Manheim (Reston) received achievement awards through the HRI program.

Jerome Casseres-Palmer, a sophomore geology student at Duke University and a SCEP student from last summer, returned for a short tour during May-June, just in time to provide valuable assistance to Frank Manheim and John Bratton (WHFC) during Hoverprobe groundwater surveys in Chincoteague Bay from June 5th-6th. Jerome was on a student exchange visit to New Zealand during the rest of the summer.

Jennifer Imamura
Jennifer Imamura
Jennifer Imamura, a senior from Thomas Jefferson High School, demonstrated skills that would be creditable for an advanced college undergraduate. She performed discriminant analysis and geochemical database-editing tasks under Manheim's supervision in order to help complete the quality control of a complex organic chemical data set that is part of the Gulf of Maine contaminant database. Jennifer also completed the integration of resistivity data files from the May cooperative streamer-resistivity surveys in Rehoboth and Indian River Bays and prepared ArcView track plots and Surfer images of Zonge County interpretive diagrams. As a part of this work, she also completed a hands-on 'methods guide' for desktop computer users, describing techniques and base data for converting state-plane coordinates and UTM coordinates to latitudes and longitudes and the reverse. The guide has provisions for incorporating historic datums into the computations. Nearly ready for review is a Web site Jennifer prepared for the Delmarva Peninsula Inland Bays (Rehoboth and Indian River Bays, and Chincoteague Bay). This site will help coordinate research among USGS, University of Delaware, and other cooperators. These kinds of achievements help explain why Jennifer was accepted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and the University of Virginia this Fall. She is now attending Harvard as a biology major.

Parth Thanker and David Dildine
Parth Thanker and David Dildine (standing)
Parth Thaker, whose parents are natives of India, began work as a volunteer from Thomas Jefferson (TJ) High School. His computer skills were sufficiently advanced that as a sophomore he led a seminar for TJ high school teachers on computer hardware and software. Soon after appointment as a SCEP student, Parth took a key role in installing and networking Russell A. Ambroziak's "ABICAS" software on a special, Windows 3.11 computer in the Eastern Minerals Research User Room in Reston. This software will not operate under Windows 98 but has auto-digitization capabilities that rival, and in some respects exceed, applications in alternative systems. Parth set up and manages an FTP server on his computer to and from the 3.11 computer. Several Eastern Minerals Team staff members including former Team Chief Joe Duval have used the new resource. With the help of David Dildine, Parth created GIS coastline layers for an historic (1935-36) high-resolution bathymetric data set for the Delaware Coastal Bays. Now a senior at TJ high school, Parth continues work during the school year, helping create interpretive images for the resistivity data.

David Dildine, a summer volunteer, is also shown in the photographs. David is a senior at South Lakes High School in Reston, VA, and is a meteorology buff. He regularly edits a computer newsletter on meteorology for South Lakes High School.

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