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Seafloor-Mapping Workshop

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seafloor-mapping workshop
Debbie Hutchinson (USGS) and Dick Pickrill (Geological Survey of Canada) co-organized a joint USGS/GSC workshop on Seafloor Mapping for Geological Research, held in Woods Hole on October 17th-19th. The purpose was to bring Canadian and U.S. Federal workers together to discuss common problems in seafloor-mapping issues. Workshop participants were to identify where consistency and complementary techniques, methodologies and interpretations could be improved and to recommend ways for improving future respective mapping programs through closer cooperation. Approximately 60 people participated, representing the GSC, the three USGS Coastal and Marine Teams, the Coastal and Marine Program Office, NOAA, Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canadian Hydrographic Service, University of New Brunswick, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the University of New Hampshire.

Lively discussions during the first day were centered on technology issues, such as data acquisition, processing, and management, and mapping products. The second day was spent addressing applications of seafloor mapping technology to geologic-research issues, such as coastal dynamics, environmental monitoring of the sea floor, habitat interpretation, tectonic hazards, and sea-level impacts. Two guest speakers, Larry Mayer (UNH) and John Hughes Clark (UNB), gave their visions of the future of seafloor-mapping technologies and research. During the final day, four presentations summarized ambitious national and regional seafloor-mapping efforts in Canada and the U.S, where abundant opportunities for collaboration exist. More than 50 recommendations to follow up were brainstormed at the close of the meeting and provided a wealth of ideas and actions that addressed the primary objectives. Everyone who participated gave the meeting high marks for interest, accomplishment, and fun.

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