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Lake Tahoe Bathymetric Images Featured in "Wonders of the Universe" Calendar

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color-coded bathymetric image of Lake Tahoe
Image for the month of May in Hansen Planetarium's 2001 "Wonders of the Universe" calendar. Oblique view of Lake Tahoe shaded-relief bathymetry looks west toward McKinney Bay on the lake's western margin. Distance across bottom of image is ~3.5 km. Vertical exaggeration is 3 times the horizontal distance. The colored region is the lake floor; the gray-scale region is the surrounding land. This view shows large debris blocks scattered on the lake floor (foreground) and remnants of a large slope failure and sediment tongue (background). The image can be viewed on-line.
The Hansen Planetarium of Salt Lake City has chosen two USGS images of the bathymetry of Lake Tahoe to illustrate in its 2001 "Wonders of the Universe" calendar. The images were created from high-resolution multibeam bathymetric data gathered in the summer of 1998 by Jim Gardner, Pete Dartnell, and others. The image chosen for the month of May 2001, entitled "Lake Tahoe's Underworld," is an oblique view of a large slope failure in McKinney Bay on the west margin of Lake Tahoe and an associated debris field extending across the lake bottom. A close-up of the slope failure is shown on the calendar's cover. The on-line USGS Open File Report 98-509, "Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views of Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada," describes how the multibeam data were collected and processed. Numerous images from the 1998 survey can be found on the CMGP Pacific Seafloor Mapping Web site.

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