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Science Fair Night!

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  photograph of Chris Reich talking with the crowd
Chris Reich educates the crowd on different types of sand grains from around the world.
photograph of Don and Brian helping a child don scuba gear
Don Hickey and Brian McCloskey help a child get the "feel" for scuba out of water.

A big THANK YOU goes to Nancy Dewitt and the team she assembled who set up a very successful Science Fair Night! at Barnes and Noble Bookstore on January 24th. The team, consisting of Nancy, Chris Reich, Dale Griffin, Don Hickey, Kate Ciembronowicz, Rita Bowker, Brian McCloskey, Marci Marot, Dennis Krohn, Pat Mullan, and Sandy Coffman, wowed students and their parents with exhibits scattered throughout the book stacks.

Not only were the kids inquisitive but the parents had just as many questions. The displays covered studies on sands, coral reefs, tornadoes, Florida hydrology, and the culture of spores on African dust. A 'generic' exhibit with laptop terminals allowed students to navigate through USGS Web sites.

The USGS was there along with the Pinellas County Education Foundation and the Science Center of Pinellas County to provide students with ideas for upcoming Science Fairs throughout the county. This is the first time that the USGS St. Pete Coastal Center has partnered with a business in an effort to promote scientific awareness and education. The turn out was great and I am sure there are budding junior scientists in the making because of the efforts of this enthusiastic USGS team!

photograph of Lisa Robbins and her daughters observing the sand exhibit
The sand exhibit fascinates Center Chief Lisa Robbins and her daughters, Lindsey, Casey, and Sarah (left to right).
photograph of Marci Marot holding Sydney Reich
Marci Marot holding Chris and Denise Reich's youngest daughter Sydney, a representative of the next generation of marine scientists.
photograph of Pat Mullan and Sandy Coffman at USGS greeting table
Pat Mullan and Sandy Coffman greet visitors at the Science Fair Night! exhibition.

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