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USGS Participates in Oceanology International Americas

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Tom O'Brien and Fred Hagg crew the USGS booth
Tom O'Brien (WHFC) and Fred Hagg (Benthos) discuss the latest technologies at the CMGP booth.
The Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP) was well represented among exhibitors from industry, academia, and government agencies at the Oceanology International Americas (OI Americas) 2001 meeting held in Miami, FL, on April 3rd-5th. Tom O'Brien (WHFC) organized much of the logistics in entering the CMGP information booth in the event. Other WHFC participants included Bill Danforth, Dave Foster, Fausto Marincioni, Chris Polloni, Jeff Williams, and Chuck Worley. Walter Barnhardt, Mike Boyle, Dave Hogg, Larry Kooker, and Walt Olson represented the Menlo Park Field Center (MPFC).

OI Americas was truly an international event with more than 350 exhibitors from around the globe. OI Americas was an opportunity for people from a variety of disciplines to share and exchange information, plot the future course of research and development for oceans worldwide, plus test and provide feedback on the latest products and services.

The CMGP information booth was centered in the exhibit hall and was surrounded by companies that provide the latest technologies used in ocean science. Several familiar faces and new acquaintances stopped by to see what the CMGP was doing with the latest technologies used in our research projects.

The busy CMGP booth at Oceanology International Americas
The CMGP Information Booth at OI Americas in Miami, Florida. From right to left are Mike Boyle (MPFC), Tom O'Brien (WHFC), Walter Barnhardt (MPFC), Bill Danforth, Chris Polloni, Jeff Williams (WHFC), and two visitors.

The information presented had a common theme: "Technology Working for Science." Several posters prepared for this event showed the latest products from seafloor mapping technologies, high-resolution shoreline mapping using the system for the accurate measurement of shoreline position (SWASH), and the USGS Hover-probe vibracore drill rig. Fausto Marincioni demonstrated the Marine Realms Information Bank (MRIB) on a live internet connection. A Powerpoint presentation on Seafloor Mapping Technology was displayed at the entrance of the booth

Interested visitors were given an information card (a business card-size CD-ROM) that contained the Powerpoint presentation as well as the WHFC Seafloor Mapping Technology web page. Four hundred information cards were distributed to visitors at the booth. The information card was produced through the efforts of WHFC staff Chris Polloni, Jane Denny, Jenna Hill, and Debbie Hutchinson.

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