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USGS Director's Office of Communications Visits Florida Field Centers

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Gail Wendt from the Director's Office of Communications visited three Florida Field Centers from April 16th-18th. Gail is in charge of communications with external organizations and is a good source for the USGS-wide view of communication efforts. Gail's trip objective was to follow up on the Knowledge Bank meeting held in Woods Hole in February where she conducted an audience interview. She wanted the opportunity to share feedback from the Knowledge Bank meeting with the St. Petersburg staff. While in Florida, Gail also toured operations at the WRD sub-district office in Tampa with sub-district Chief, John Harsh and at the BRD Florida Caribbean Science Center in Gainesville with Outreach Coordinator, Hannah Hamilton.

Gail Wendt and Hannah Hamilton at the Florida Caribbean Science Center's new alligator pens
Gail Wendt (left) and Hannah Hamilton (right) look over the new alligator pens at the Florida Caribbean Science Center while some local wildlife also shows interest.
Hannah Hamilton holding alligator skull
Hannah Hamilton shows some of the skeletal remains at the collection of the Gainesville Center.

While in St. Pete, Gail also contacted local journalism schools to potentially develop cooperatives that would be a mechanism for long-term interaction and provide continuing sources of guidance for working with the media. A tour of the Poynter Institute (school for journalists, future journalists and teachers of journalism) was arranged with David Sheddon, Acting Library Director. Kristen Kusek from the University of South Florida (USF) Science Journalism Center also assisted in arranging a meeting with Mike Killenberg and Robert Dardenne from the USF School of Mass Communication.

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