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The Geologic Discipline EMAC Meeting

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The Ethnic Minority Advisory Committee (EMAC) conducted its national committee meeting June 5th-7th at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, CO. National representatives present included Imogene Bynum (Chairperson '00-'01), Shonta Osborne (EMAC delegate), Kevin Bacon (Co-Vice Chairperson '01-'02) and Jamey Reid (Secretary '01-'02) from the Eastern Region. Ray Kokaly (Secretary '00-'01) and Maria Montour (Co-Vice Chairperson '00-'01) from the Central Region (CR), and Paul Okubo (Chairperson '01-'02), Quenton Smith-Costello (Co-Vice Chairperson '00-'02), and Floyd Gray (EMAC representative) from the Western Region also attended.

The EMAC charge is to assist the Associate Director of Geology in multiple tasks:

  • promoting the professional well-being and career development of ethnic minorities in the geologic discipline;
  • achieving equitable representation of ethnic minorities within the discipline at all levels and classifications through the use of fair and well-defined hiring and recruitment practices;
  • providing advice on means of enhancing the availability of ethnic minorities for positions throughout the discipline;
  • providing a mechanism for increasing cultural awareness for all employees throughout the discipline; and
  • promoting open communications between ethnic minority employees and discipline managers.

Topics discussed included Human Resource Programs such as the Student Interns for Workforce Diversity (SIWD) and Upward Mobility, restructuring/re-invention of the Special Emphasis Program (SEP), and successes and functions of the Bureau Outreach Recruitment Teams (BORT). At the request of Associate Director for Geology P. Patrick Leahy, the committee brain-stormed ideas for Bureau activities for Earth Science Week (October 7-13, 2001) that would introduce science to young people and promote interest in science careers at the USGS.

The EMAC met with the Women's Advisory Committee (WAC), the DOI Diversity Council, the Central Region Regional Director Thomas J. Casadevall and Regional Geologist Thomas D. Fouch, Sherilyn Williams-Stroud of Texaco, Carol Reiss (Menlo Park), and other Central Region employees for discussions on implementing EMAC's charge.

For questions about EMAC, contact your national representative and visit the EMAC Web site.

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