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Invited Seminar on Coastal Change Issues

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At the invitation of Professor Lauriston King, Director of the recently formed (1999) Coastal Resources Management Program (CRMP), and Professor Stephen Culver, Chairman of Geology at East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, NC, Jeff Williams (WHFC) visited the campus on September 19th.

Jeff met with students in the Geology Department as well as the CRMP, heard student reports on exciting results of the new CMG North Carolina regional study, and gave a lecture entitled, "America's Coastal Crisis-Providing the Geoscience to Understand Coastal Change," as part of the ECU Distinguished Seminar Series. About 150 faculty and students from various departments attended. The seminar talk focused on the most pressing coastal hazard issues (erosion, storm effects, climate change, sea-level rise) facing the Nation, as well as the rest of the world, and presented results of USGS and other research aimed at addressing the need for high-quality scientific data and information.

The new CRMP is a unique Ph.D. program offering multi-disciplinary courses and research in social as well as geoscience arenas, intended for those seeking careers in coastal and marine resources management and planning. Considerable interest was expressed by the students in opportunities for internships with the USGS, in applying for Mendenhall Post-Doc positions, and prospects for future employment.

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