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Educating the Public About Coastal Hazards

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Christopher Hallowell (Baruch College/CUNY) invited Jeff Williams to participate in a discussion and autograph session on August 5th for Hallowell's newly released book, Holding Back the Sea. The book focuses on the rapid erosion and wetland loss occurring throughout the delta plain of Louisiana and the pervasive effects on Louisiana and as well as society. The book relies heavily on results of USGS barrier-island and wetland research over the past decade and details the coastal restoration efforts underway.

Approximately 125 people attended the signing event held at Wings Neck, Cape Cod, as part of a national book tour. Jeff spoke on the national issues of coastal hazards, such as storm erosion and effects of rise in relative sea level, as well as the risk of coastal hazards immediate to the Cape Cod shore and the rest of Massachusetts. Hallowell spoke of his experiences in writing the book. A lively period of questions for both followed.

Books such as this are important tools for presenting results of USGS as well as other science studies in such a way as to educate the public about Earth science issues. A book medium will be a major theme for the day-long session, America's Coastal Crisis—Providing the Geoscience Information Needed to Conserve and Protect Coastal Resources, at the upcoming Geological Society of America annual meeting in Boston on November 5th. Christopher Hallowell and Cornelia Dean, author of Against the Tide, will be participating in the program.

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