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Author of First Novel in Organic Geochemistry Visits Western CMG

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USGS scientists pose with author Susan M. Gaines
Standing with author Susan M. Gaines (center, holding her book, Carbon Dreams), are, from left to right, Bob Rosenbauer, Keith Kvenvolden, Tom Lorenson, and Fran Hostettler, the WCMG organic geochemical Dream Team.
Susan M. Gaines, the author of Carbon Dreams, the first novel addressing organic geochemistry, visited WCMG (Western Coastal Marine Geology) to meet with organic geochemists and others, to give readings from her novel, and to answer questions. Meeting with Susan were Keith Kvenvolden, Bob Rosenbauer, Fran Hostettler, Tom Lorenson, Jon Kolak, Sid Mitra, Paul Carlson, Bruce Rogers, and Florence Wong (all CMG).

Published in 2001, this novel has enjoyed wide circulation; has been reviewed in Organic Geochemistry, Chemical and Engineering News, and The New Scientist; and is available at local bookstores.

Carbon Dreams is a novel about an organic geochemist, Dr. Cristina T. Arenas—Tina for short—who is a post-doc at Brayton Institute of Oceanography (BIO) located somewhere in northern California. BIO is a metaphor for SIO (Scripps Institution of Oceanography). The novel deals with the trials and tribulations of research in organic geochemistry. The main scientific theme of the story is about how organic geochemistry can contribute to understanding global warming phenomena, past, present, and future. Carbon Dreams is a story about a scientist, an organic geochemist, coming to terms with her responsibilities to herself, science, and society.

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