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Geochemistry Study Award

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Keith Kvenvolden and Frances Hostettler hold the awards plaques presented by Michael Carr
WR CMG Chief Scientist Michael D. Carr (center) presents awards to Keith Kvenvolden and Frances Hostettler for their geochemical study of the Mandan, North Dakota, diesel fuel spill.
In August, Michael D. Carr, Chief Scientist of WR CMG, presented plaques to Keith Kvenvolden and Fran Hostettler (both WR CMG) in recognition of their geochemical research on hydrocarbon contaminants in a shallow aquifer below the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company yards and the adjacent town of Mandan, ND.

The plaque reads, "In recognition for your team work in completing the project and report, Hydrologic Setting and Geochemical Characterization of Free-Phase Hydrocarbons in the Alluvial Aquifer at Mandan, North Dakota, November 2000." The citation from Gregg Wiche, North Dakota District Chief (WRD), reads, "On behalf of the North Dakota District staff, I would like to present this plaque to you as a token of our appreciation for your role in the Mandan hydrocarbon study team. As you remember, the U.S. Geological Survey held meetings with the North Dakota Department of Health in early November 2000 to define the problem and discuss a potential project. Because of the dedication of the study team, a project proposal was written and approved; field sampling was completed; lab analyses were completed; data analysis was completed; and a report was written, edited, reviewed, and published in about 7 months. I believe the study team's project execution was nearly flawless. The North Dakota Department of Health was impressed by your hard work and dedication. The study team has proven that the U.S. Geological Survey can deliver a timely, high-quality scientific product to assist our cooperators in water-resources decisions they must make. Again thank you."

Others receiving recognition were Geoff Delin, James Wald, Cathy Martin, Larry Putnam, and Coleen Rostad (all from WRD).

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