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Woods Hole's First Annual Open House a Big Success

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Bill Winters explains gas hydrates with some hands-on bowls of sediment
Bill Winters explains some of the underlying principles behind gas hydrates with a hands-on sediment exhibit.
The WHFC hosted its first annual open house, entitled GeoFest 2001, on October 13th in celebration of Earth Science Week. GeoFest targeted elementary school students, teachers, and parents in three local towns. Becky Deusser and VeeAnn Cross organized the event.

A bucket is used to demonstrate the SEABOSS underwater video equipment
A young student "dives" into an ocean model used to demonstrate the SEABOSS video equipment.
GeoFest was held both inside and outside at the Carriage House of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the Quissett Campus. We had over 20 volunteers engaged in several activities, such as leading geology walks along the Woods Hole Bike Path, showing hands-on exhibits, or demonstrating equipment and gear used for our research. Bob Oldale, our expert on Cape Cod geology, trained geology walk leaders. The participants were: Debbie Hutchinson, Ken Parolski, Dave Twichell, Kathy Scanlon, Bill Winters, Amy Farris, Bill Waite, Dann Blackwood, Nancy Soderberg, Jen Moore, Sarah Jablonski, Sarah Fuller, Kara Hass, Andree Ramsey, Glynn Williams, Joel Moore, Steve Cross, Mark Capone, Joanne Sedlock, Flavia Wood, Dave Mason, and Tammie Middleton.

Our free raffle was also a big hit with the kids. The event was well attended by students, parents, and teachers. We received numerous positive comments and suggestions. We also established several new connections within the local public schools to set up more outreach activities. The day was a huge success and many of us are already looking forward to next year's event. There are more pictures on our new outreach page.

VeeAnn Cross shows two young students a piece of underwater equipment
VeeAnn Cross teaches young students about technology for ocean exploration.
outside the Carriage House at GeoFest 2001
GeoFest 2001 brought together students, teachers, parents, and scientists for a celebration of Earth science.

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