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Passing the Torch for Production of Sound Waves

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Sandy Coffman, Trent Faust, and Barbara Lidz
The Sound Waves team: from left to right, Print Layout Editor Sandy Coffman, Webmaster Trent Faust, and Editor Barbara Lidz.
The time has come for the St. Petersburg Center for Coastal and Regional Marine Studies to pass the baton for Sound Waves. The duties now go to the Menlo Park team. This will be done with a modicum of reluctance because St. Pete has enjoyed producing every issue. We know that the Menlo team will do a very fine job of continuing the tradition of newsletter production.

The St. Pete team, consisting of Barbara Lidz, Sandy Coffman, and Trent Faust, has done a superior job these past 3 years in getting Sound Waves up and running and accessible through the web. Their dedication has pulled together an informative, professional Bureau-wide monthly newsletter that has brought accolades from within and outside the USGS.

Sound Waves was begun 3 years ago under encouragement of Jeff Williams, the then Coastal and Marine Geology Program Coordinator. At the time, the purpose initially was to inform scientists at the three Coastal Geology Centers about on-going coastal science and research. About a year and a half ago, the newsletter evolved into a Bureau-wide coastal newsletter. Now that interdisciplinary science is recognized as critical in achieving significant strides in science and is a goal for the Bureau, the purview of the newsletter includes all coastal topics and disciplines within the entire USGS. Keep those great coastal and outreach articles coming-but remember to send them to Menlo!

The transition will be effective with the December 2001/January 2002 issue. The new newsletter editor will be Helen Gibbons. The new layout editor will be Anne Gartner. Trent has agreed to remain web layout editor for another few months until his counterpart in Menlo is brought up to speed. Becky Deusser has assumed the task of "solicitor general" for obtaining and submitting news from the Woods Hole office upon retirement of Ardis Greatorex. Gaye Farris remains the contact at the National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) in Lafayette, LA. Barbara will retain the position in the St. Pete office.

As editor, Barbara received, compiled and edited all of the news items. It was Barbara who "encouraged" (a.k.a. hounded) all of the potential contributors at Menlo, St. Pete, Woods Hole, and the NWRC to send in the excellent articles that you read. After editing them, she then handed all off to Sandy, who assembled them and produced the hardcopy version. Sandy, who has nerves of steel, continued to remain calm in the face of frustration in compiling the occasional unwieldy lengths and complex graphic files into a cohesive flowing format. Barbara then proofed the hardcopy before it was passed along to Trent. Trent, the web guru, turned all of those articles and graphics into colorful web-ready format and posted them live—after a final online review by Barbara.

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