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Seismic Surveys in Canals of Miami

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scientists set up equipment in the Jon boat
Dana Wiese (left) and Jack Kindinger set up boomer acquisition system after boat is in the water. Photograph by Chandra Dreher.
A cooperative study on a project to conduct a high-resolution seismic-reflection survey of the area around several Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program (CERP) projects was begun on November 13 and continued on December 3.

Participants include Jack Kindinger, Chandra Dreher, Dana Wiese, and Jim Flocks (St. Petersburg), Kevin Cunningham (WRD, Miami), and Cynthia Gerfvert and Steve Kupa of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

The CERP projects are focused on the surficial aquifer and ground-water flow through the area located in the eastern part of Everglades National Park west of Miami. The objective of the survey is to image and map the limestone stratigraphy of the subsurface to 60 m.

This is not the first time we have collected boomer data from a 16-ft Jon boat (a flat-bottomed boat designed for shallow inland waterways), but it is our first attempt to acquire data from canals dug in limestone. This cooperative study evolved from other successful cooperative studies conducted in central and northeastern Florida (for previous studies, see Subsurface Characterization of Selected Water Bodies in the St. Johns River Water Management District, Northeast Florida).

satellite image of south Florida
Satellite image of Miami and the Everglades. Inset shows location of canals surveyed or proposed for surveying (yellow). [larger version 68KB]
  a backhoe is used to lift the Jon boat
Jack Kindinger (left) and Bob Renkin (center, WRD, Miami) assist in lifting Jon boat from trailer and lowering it into a canal. Photograph by Chandra Dreher.
  the Jon boat trails boomer sampling equipment behind it in the Miami Canal
Jack Kindinger (left) and Dana Wiese (right) collect boomer data from the Miami Canal. Photograph by Chandra Dreher.

The field operation presented a series of unique logistic challenges because many of the canals are narrow and difficult to access and the geology is limestone. SFWMD personnel were crucial in providing help with gate keys and lifts for getting the Jon boat into and out of the canals. Preliminary review of the seismic-reflection profiles indicates that the data are usable but data quality vary widely. Indications are that some acquisition methods need modification to improve data quality. Stay tuned for future updates.

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