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New Hire in GIS and Data Management

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Gerry Hatcher at his desk
Gerry Hatcher in temporary quarters at Menlo Park. Look at the computer screen nearest to him for a glimpse of his new daughter, Abigail.
Gerry Hatcher has joined the Western Coastal and Marine Geology team as a Physical Scientist doing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management. Gerry has an M.S. degree in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island and previously was the project manager for the Mapping/GIS Project at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).

Gerry has a thorough knowledge of GIS software and has designed GIS software products that enhance the functionality of the basic off-the-shelf product. He has designed projects and worked at sea with the latest technologies, including multibeam systems such as the EM300, and processed and published the resulting data. His contributions may be considered among the pioneer efforts in the relatively young science of marine GIS.

Gerry is a licensed instructor for ArcView and has taught classes for many public and private organizations.

Gerry and his wife Ronda live in Ben Lomond, CA, and are the proud parents of a new daughter named Abigail, who will be about 2 months old when this article appears (you may be able to glimpse her in the computer screen nearest Gerry in the photogrph). Gerry is stationed in Santa Cruz, CA.

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