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Woods Hole Field Center Visitors

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George Kaminsky, VeeAnn Cross, Dave Twichell, Harry Jol, and Sandy Vanderburgh
Dave Twichell hosts a field trip to teach visitors about Cape Cod Geology. From left to right: George Kaminsky (Washington State Department of Ecology), VeeAnn Cross (USGS), Dave Twichell (USGS), Harry Jol (University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire), and Sandy Vanderburgh (University College of the Frasier Valley).
Dave Twichell hosted several visitors after the Geological Society of America meeting in Boston this November. Visitors included Harry Jol (University of Wisconsin, Eau-Claire), George Kaminsky (Washington State Department of Ecology), Jim Phipps (Grays Harbor Community College), and Sandy Vanderburgh (University College of the Frasier Valley). The group came to Woods Hole to visit the USGS and go on a field trip looking at Cape Cod geology along with VeeAnn Cross. All four visitors have been involved in the Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Project. They found the Cape Cod geology and beaches a striking contrast to the southwest Washington coast.

Barbara Poore (National Mapping, Reston) visited the Woods Hole Field Center (WHFC) on October 31 to learn how the Center handles information. Barbara is a liaison for her office in coastal studies. She was greeted by several WHFC members dressed in elaborate Halloween costumes. Her itinerary included meetings with groups involved with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) activities, sea-floor mapping, gas hydrates, habitat mapping, coastal processes, and urban contamination. Barbara also met with groups working on the Marine Realms Information Bank, the National Knowledge Bank, and other information activities.

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