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In November 2001, Keith Kvenvolden of the Western Coastal and Marine Geology team (WCMG) was notified by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) that his research paper "Gas Hydrates—Geological Perspective and Global Change" has been selected as a "citation classic," a highly cited paper in the field of global warming, by ISI's Web-based Essential Science Indicators (ESI). This paper was published in 1993 by the American Geophysical Union in Reviews of Geophysics, v. 31, no. 2, p. 173-187.

Among the five technical reviewers who helped improve the quality of this paper were Dave Scholl (WCMG, emeritus), Rob Kayen (WCMG), and Charlie Paull (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute). Tom Lorenson (WCMG) and Susan Vath (USGS, retired) were acknowledged for their assistance in the preparation of the figures. The paper was adapted from the author's 1991 Mendenhall Lecture (USGS).

ISI intends to include a feature related to this paper in ESI. This feature will be publicly accessible on the Special Topics editorial arm of ESI's Web site. ESI is a new Web-based compilation of science indicators and trend data derived from the ISI database, focusing on highly cited papers, authors, organizations, journals, and nations across a wide variety of fields. It combines these data with editorial content to highlight important results. In ISI's latest analysis, this paper was among the top-cited papers identified.

Being highly cited generally reflects the high regard in which a paper is held by fellow scientists, and its value to the scientific community as a whole. In 1996, the paper was reprinted in "Oceanography—Contemporary Readings in Ocean Sciences, 3rd Edition" (Pirie, R.G., ed.), Oxford University Press, New York, p. 338-357. Although this paper is now ancient history, its message was obviously timely and has influenced thinking regarding the occurrences and effects of natural-gas hydrate.

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