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"First Line of Defense" Against Storm Runup Along Florida's Atlantic Coast

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'first line of defense' map of Florida
"First Line of Defense:" Part of map "Coastal 'First Line of Defense' Elevations." The entire map can be found online.
Steve Nichols of WTVT Fox Channel 13 in Tampa, FL, interviewed Abby Sallenger (St. Petersburg) on February 11 about a USGS map of peninsular Florida showing the Atlantic coast's "first line of defense" against overtopping or inundation by storm waves. The geomorphic features that constitute the first line of defense are the foredune ridge (the dune ridge closest to the shoreline) or, if no dune is present, the beach berm. (For areas where dunes are absent and seawalls or other shore-parallel coastal defense structures are present, the top of the structure becomes the first line of defense.)

The map shows the relative vulnerability of segments of the U.S. South Atlantic coast to coastal change as a result of runup during severe storms. For example, dark-red colors indicate areas of low elevation that are highly vulnerable to overwash and inundation, whereas light-red colors indicate areas of high elevation that have low vulnerability to net coastal change. The map was created from lidar (light detecting and ranging) data collected by NASA's Airborne Topographic Mapper, an airborne system that uses laser light to make precise topographic surveys. The map is a first step toward characterizing vulnerability to storm impacts along the southeast coast of the United States. Abby's interview aired on the 6 p.m. broadcast the same night.

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