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Home-Schooled Children Tour St. Petersburg Center

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On February 8, 33 home-schooled children and their parents toured the USGS Center for Coastal and Regional Marine Studies (CCRMS) in St. Petersburg, FL. Pam Goebbel of St. Petersburg organized the tour. Pam is a home-schooling mom who decided she wanted to expose her children to more science, and so she began her own science curriculum for other home schoolers.

Two groups of students were each given a 45-minute tour. Gene Shinn's toilet demonstrating the flow of water through porous limestone in the Florida Keys was a hit with these groups.

So was Bob Halley's description of Navassa Island, a National Wildlife Refuge administered by the Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Service since late 1999. Situated about 50 km west of Haiti, the refuge includes natural resources both on the island and in a 4.8-km-wide marine habitat surrounding the island.

The students came away with new vocabulary words: conterminous, guano, and Florida Bay. We hope to see many of these children and their parents back for our open house in October.

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