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2002 Marine Environmental Careers Symposium in Woods Hole, MA

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The Woods Hole Field Center (WHFC) contributed to the Eighth Annual Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA)ŠNew England Aquarium High School Environmental Symposium. The event was held on the shores of MMA's Cape Cod Canal campus (Buzzard's Bay, MA) on March 1 and 2 under the direction of Christopher Ryan and Fuji Fulgueras, the MMA symposium coordinators. Busloads of 300 students and teachers departed for behind-the-scenes tours of the New England Aquarium and the Woods Hole scientific community as part of the 2-day symposium. Chris Polloni (WHFC) organized the field trip in Woods Hole. He led students and teachers to the first stop on the field trip, Chappaquoit Beach in West Falmouth, where box lunches were enjoyed on the sand in a very brisk wind.

David Radosh of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) made NOAA's Woods Hole Science Aquarium available for a tour. The animals in the aquarium are representative of the populations on Stellwagen Bank. Anne Smrcina (NOAA), of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (SBNMS), and Erika Hammar-Klose (WHFC) provided an overview of the biologic surveys and geologic mapping that are being accomplished as part of the joint-agency research on the bank. Anne provided a quiz list for the students to use as they identified the critters in the tanks. David provided tours of the work areas behind the display tanks, where the students were able to handle some of the critters, including a newly molted lobster.

Erika Hammar-Klose talks to high-school students
Erika Hammar-Klose delivers a talk to high-school students about sea-floor mapping and careers in ocean sciences.
Fausto Marcicioni presents facts about the Marine Realms Information Bank
Fausto Marcicioni presents facts about the Marine Realms Information Bank.

Erika discussed her experiences with a career in marine geology, and she described the USGS' efforts in mapping and interpreting the sea-floor ecosystem, specifically Stellwagen Bank. The visiting students were keenly interested in Erika's career path, from her entering college as an art major to her ending up as a member of the sea-floor mapping group in Woods Hole. Erika described the tools that the USGS uses to map the sea floor, the different types of data the USGS collects, and what data products result from the research. The students asked many questions about who uses USGS data and what other applications there are for the technology (finding buried treasure?). The students showed great curiosity about internship and career opportunities with the USGS, and other jobs in the marine sector.

On the following day, Fausto Marincioni (WHFC) gave a briefing on the Marine Realms Information Bank (MRIB). Chris Polloni provided an overview of information systems designed to deliver marine environmental data on the USGS' World Wide Web site and his experience with publishing USGS CD-ROMs. Maps from the Historic Remediation Site (HARS) offshore of New York City, Stellwagen Bank, and the Gulf of Maine were on display as part of the demonstration. Fausto used the MRIB to demonstrate how to find information on the HARS project.

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