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Deputy Regional Director Visits Woods Hole Field Center, Speaks About Special Emphasis Program (SEP)

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Eastern Region Special Emphasis Program Advisory Committee (SEPAC) members
Eastern Region Special Emphasis Program Advisory Committee (SEPAC) members: Front row (left to right) Regina Lanning, Imogene Bynum, Jamey Currence, Pam Malam; back row (left to right) Lee Fowler, Ted Campbell, Debra Foster, John Elder.
Pam Malam, deputy regional director for the Eastern Region, visited the Woods Hole Field Center (WHFC) on April 2, 2002. Pam is also the management representative for the Eastern Region's Special Emphasis Program Advisory Committee (SEPAC), established by Deputy Director Kathy Clement in June 2001. Pam gave an overview at the center's monthly meeting on the Special Emphasis Program (SEP) and on the Eastern Region's perspective in relation to science, quality of worklife, and other management-related issues.

The SEP is a dynamic and exciting new program that works in support of USGS management to promote diversity within the USGS, which is reflective of the Nation's citizenry. The SEPAC comprises one headquarters and three regional teams that consist of liaisons to eight special-emphasis groups, and a management representative with oversight by an executive board. The eight SEP groups are Women, Hispanics, Persons with Disabilities, African Americans, Gays/Lesbians/Bisexuals, Native Americans/Alaska Natives, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, and Multicultural/Multiracial/Other.

The major functions of the SEP include the following:

  • Analyzing policies, practices, and procedures that may present barriers to the recruitment, retention, development, and advancement of target groups,

  • Maintaining internal and external networks to gather information, increase awareness, and enhance expertise, and

  • Educating and informing others about SEP activities.

The first year of this effort has included establishment, training, building networks within and outside of the USGS, communications planning, and analyzing priority issues.

Pam also enjoyed a show-and-tell session on projects taking place at WHFC. Page Valentine outlined the center's habitat-mapping efforts, showing examples from Stellwagen Bank and Georges Bank and emphasizing our relationship with collaborators, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Jane Denny, Tommy O'Brien, Bill Danforth, and Ken Parolski gave Pam a tour of the sea-floor-mapping vans and equipment. Jeff List talked to her about coastal erosion and how researchers collect information using the SWASH (Surveying Wide-Area Shorelines) buggy. Ellen Mecray gave Pam a tour of the geochemistry labs. Pam said of her visit: "Please let those who spoke with me about their projects and activities know that I appreciate their hospitality. Everyone did a great job of explaining what they're working on and why. I learned a lot."

Note: The Eastern Region SEPAC currently has two vacancies for the Native American/Alaska Native and Asian American/Pacific Islander groups. Please contact Jamey M. Currence, ER SEPAC Chairperson, at jcurrence@usgs.gov or 508-457-2204 for more information.

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