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Woods Hole Field Center Welcomes New Employees

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Seth Ackerman began an ECO (Environmental Careers Organization) internship on June 10 in Woods Hole, replacing Jill Rozycki, who has taken a job as an environmental analyst for Palm Beach County, Florida. Seth will be working with Kathy Scanlon on studies of shelf-edge habitats in the Gulf of Mexico. He has a B.S. in geology from Tulane University and just completed his M.S. in geological sciences at the University of South Carolina (thesis title: "Subsurface and Surface Evidence for a Fault-Control Origin of the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment in Georgia and South Carolina").

Kate Visser has joined Eric Sundquist's project as an Earth Science Intern to provide lab, field, and GIS (geographic information system) support, as well as data analysis and literature searching for research on carbon geochemistry. Kate will also help with various outreach activities related to carbon and climate research. She is a graduate of Boston University and holds an M.S. in geological sciences from the University of South Carolina. She says she's looking forward especially to relating her interests in paleoceanography to Eric's work on the geologic history of the global carbon cycle.

Olya Boldina joined the Woods Hole gas-hydrates group in early June to analyze strength and permeability tests of gas-hydrate-bearing sediment in the GHASTLI (Gas Hydrate and Sediment Test Laboratory Instrument) facility and to help set up a data base. In addition to making casts of sediment containing natural and laboratory-formed gas hydrate for scanning-electron-microscope analyses, she will participate in sediment analysis aboard the French research vessel Marion Dufresne during a giant-piston-coring cruise in the Gulf of Mexico in July. Olya received a B.S. in geology and is working on an M.S. in environmental geology at the Moscow State University in Russia.

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