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Tom Parsons Succeeds Homa Lee as Acting Chief Scientist for the Western Region Coastal and Marine Geology Team

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In early October, Tom Parsons became the Acting Chief Scientist for the Coastal and Marine Geology team in Menlo Park, CA. Tom took over from Homa Lee, who had held the post since last January. The change was announced in an e-mail message from Acting Western Regional Geologist Mike Carr, quoted in part below:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Tom Parsons has agreed to serve as acting Chief Scientist for the Coastal and Marine Geology team for four months, effective on or about October 6, 2002, until the end of January 2003.

Tom joined the USGS in 1992 as a National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellow. He is a research geophysicist who studies seismotectonics and seismic hazards of California and the Pacific Northwest. He uses modeling techniques to simulate the Earth's response to sudden stress changes caused by magmatic intrusions or earthquakes, and to learn how those changes may inhibit or increase fault slip. He uses sound waves to measure the Earth's structure in active tectonic regions, and applies this information to relate the motion of tectonic plates to slip on individual faults. Tom served as project chief of the Central California Earthquake Hazards project, which included leadership of a complex, multiship seismic experiment. He also played a leadership role in the Seismic Hazards in Puget Sound (SHIPS) experiments. Tom is on the editorial board for Geology and has served on the Coastal and Marine Geology Program Council. Currently, he has a leadership role in writing the 5-year plan for the Coastal and Marine Geology Program.

Please join me in welcoming Tom Parsons to the management team in Western Region. We appreciate his willingness to use his many scientific and leadership skills in continuing the outstanding scientific work of the Coastal and Marine Geology team.

At the same time, join me in thanking Homa Lee for the excellent leadership that he has provided to the Coastal and Marine Geology team over the past 9 months. Also join me in again thanking Terry Bruns, who always is there for the team as Associate Chief Scientist. We are indeed fortunate to have leaders such as Homa, Terry, and Tom, who will set aside their own goals and convenience to lead us through times of change.

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