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Woods Hole Field Center Staff Participate in Massachusetts Maritime Academy High School Environmental Symposium

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Tony Williams discusses water quality with a group of chilly students on snow-covered Megansett Beach.
Tony Williams discusses water quality with a group of chilly students on snow-covered Megansett Beach.
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s Woods Hole Field Center (WHFC) contributed to the Ninth Annual High School Environmental Symposium, sponsored by the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA).

The event was held at MMA's Cape Cod Canal campus (Buzzards Bay, MA) on February 28 under the direction of Christopher Ryan, Jim Watkins, and Fuji Fulgueras, the MMA symposium coordinators. Approximately 200 students and teachers departed for behind-the-scenes tours of the Woods Hole scientific community as part of the symposium. Seth Ackerman (WHFC), who organized the field trip in Woods Hole, led students and teachers to the first stop on the field trip, Megansett Beach in West Falmouth, MA.

At Megansett Beach, Tony Williams of the Coalition for Buzzards Bay discussed water quality on Cape Cod. The coalition's objective is to pursue the restoration and protection of the bay ecosystem through direct citizen advocacy and through the regulatory and legal process at local, State, and Federal levels.

Stops in the Woods Hole Village included:

  • the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Woods Hole Science Aquarium,
  • the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)'s Marine Resources Center,
  • the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)'s research vessel Oceanus and Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering department, and
  • a talk about the types of research done at the USGS WHFC, given by Ellen Mecray and Elizabeth Pendleton .

Hovey Clifford shows MMA symposium participants the labs and the bridge on WHOIís research vessel Oceanus.
Hovey Clifford shows MMA symposium participants the labs and the bridge on WHOI's research vessel Oceanus.
George Liles of NOAA/NMFS made the Woods Hole Science Aquarium available for a tour. The animals in the aquarium are representative of local marine populations and those on Stellwagen Bank. The students toured the work areas behind the display tanks, where they were able to handle some of the critters.

The Marine Resources Center at the MBL in Woods Hole is a state-of-the-art facility where scientists can conduct research on aquatic organisms, supply field-collected aquatic organisms for use in research and education, provide veterinary medical care to aquatic organisms, and conduct basic research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases affecting aquatic animals. Bill Mebane, Catherine Hemmerdinger, and Steven Roberts gave a video presentation on MBL's research, and Hank Maude and Ed Enos gave students a tour of the Tank Room, where MBL stores various aquatic organisms in saltwater tanks.

Hovey Clifford and John Dyke gave a tour of one of WHOI's main research vessels, the research vessel Oceanus. Hovey described the equipment configuration on the ship and then showed students the main labs and the bridge. John Kemp gave an overview of WHOI's engineering projects in the Applied Ocean Physics and Engineering department, where engineers design a wide array of instruments, vehicles, and observing systems that extend the reach of WHOI scientists and the entire oceanographic community.

Hank Maude shows off some of MBLís critters. Ellen Mecray presents United States Geological Survey Woods Hole FIeld Center research Ellen Mecray (left) and Elizabeth Pendleton present United States Geological Survey Woods Hole FIeld Center research
Hank Maude (above left) shows off some of MBL's critters. Ellen Mecray (above center) and Elizabeth Pendleton (above right) present USGS WHFC research to the MMA symposium participants.

Ellen Mecray and Elizabeth Pendleton of the USGS WHFC gave talks about the many projects that USGS scientists work on in Woods Hole. They described the diverse science we do here in Woods Hole and the various places we work, including many of the underwater areas between shorelines and deep water off the U.S. east coast and the Gulf of Mexico and in parts of the Caribbean and Great Lakes. Elizabeth and Ellen highlighted sea-floor mapping, the SWASH (Surveying Wide-Area Shorelines) system, geochemistry, and National Assessments; they educated the students on the USGS' role within the Federal Government; and they discussed their personal career paths.

Feedback from the students, their teachers, and parents has been very positive. The students had an exciting time exploring Woods Hole, its labs, and its ships. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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