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Farewell to Fausto—Marine Realms Information Bank Leader Leaves USGS for Academia

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Fausto Marincioni
Fausto Marincioni, with his unforgettable smile and charm.

After working for more than 5 years on information and knowledge-bank research at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s Woods Hole Field Center, Fausto Marincioni left the USGS in September to take a faculty position in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Long Island University in New York.

During his time in Woods Hole, Fausto completed his dissertation for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in information management during natural disasters.

The legacy he leaves for the USGS is the unique software package that is an implementation of the concept of a distributed geolibrary, called the MRIB (Marine Realms Information Bank). This system catalogs World Wide Web pages with unique metadata that allow users to search for information from any of many perspectives, enabling geographically based information registered in MRIB to be retrieved quickly and accurately.

Beyond this notable achievement, Fausto's unusual wit, remarkable tennis ability, enthusiastic softball spirit, disarming Italian charm, and dedication to the USGS will be missed. We look forward to working with the students he promises to send our way for collaborative projects. In the final words of the farewell song (sung to the tune of "The Jolly Miller," an old English folk song) recorded for posterity at Fausto's going-away party:

We don't know how we'll get along
Without his goodly cheer,
As his spirit of life,
Which charms away strife,
Will no longer fall on our ear.

But this we know for certain,
Forever we shall sing:
If you've got a page,
It's all the rage
To be in M Rye B.

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