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Louisiana Wildlife Federation Names Bob Stewart Professional Conservationist of the Year

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Bob Stewart, director of the USGS National Wetlands Research Center, receives an award as Professional Conservationist of the year from Joe Herring
Above: Bob Stewart (right), director of the USGS National Wetlands Research Center, receives an award as Professional Conservationist of the Year from Joe Herring, outgoing president of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation.

Robert E. Stewart, Jr., director of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, LA, was named Professional Conservationist of the Year by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation at its achievement banquet in New Iberia, LA, on February 28. In response to this award, he has also received Congressional recognition from U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu and Representative Chris John.

According to the federation's executive director Randy Lanctot, the award was "for developing and guiding the Nation's premier wetlands-research facility and lending its expertise to better understand and preserve wetland resources."

The federation cited Bob for his involvement in inventorying wetlands throughout the United States and documenting their extent, values, and rates of loss. They noted his use of computer technology, remote sensing, and geographic information systems to guide that work. The federation recognized that the center's dramatic map images and wetlands-loss statistics have caught the public's attention. They added that through "his vision and persistence, the National Wetlands Research Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was authorized in 1989 and was dedicated in 1992. Under Stewart's direction, the NWRC has become a world leader in wetlands science and a vital asset in Louisiana's coastal restoration effort."

The federation identified Stewart's demeanor as positive, enthusiastic, and "key to his success in creating the collaborations that are a hallmark of the NWRC work, and in getting the support necessary to build its capacity." They added that in 2003, Stewart brought high-level Federal officials to Louisiana and engaged them in understanding coastal-wetlands loss and restoration needs.

Finally, the federation stated that under Stewart's direction, the National Wetlands Research Center in 2003 has:

  • provided technical support for the Louisiana Coastal Area Ecosystem Restoration Study and Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act projects;
  • continued research and related publication of findings on the "brown marsh" salt-marsh dieback;
  • enhanced collaboration on the concept of carbon sequestration as an incentive for the restoration of forested wetlands;
  • studied the impact of invasive species on native habitats;
  • provided technical support for conservation efforts in the Lower Mississippi Valley; and
  • partnered with the Caddo Lake and Red River Watershed Management Institutes to provide science support, technical training, and education assistance.

The Louisiana Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit conservation, education, and advocacy organization with 13,000 members in the State. It is affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation.

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