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Shoemaker Awards for Sound Waves, "Crater Lake Revealed," "Glaciers: Alaska's Rivers of Ice," and "Is a Powerful Quake Likely to Strike in the Next 30 Years?"

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Shoemaker Award winners from the Western Coastal and Marine Geology Team
Above: Shoemaker Award winners from the Western Coastal and Marine Geology Team pose for a photograph after the Western Region Awards Ceremony, held October 13, 2004, in Menlo Park, CA. (Left to right) Helen Gibbons, Stephanie Ross, and Pete Dartnell.

Four publications related to coastal and marine research have won 2004 Shoemaker Awards. Sound Waves—Coastal Science and Research News from Across the USGS won a Shoemaker Award for Excellence in Internal Communication, a new category established this year to recognize efforts to convey scientific, operational, or administrative information to USGS employees in a clear, concise, and timely manner. Published online since 1999, this monthly internal newsletter reports on coastal and marine research and related activities conducted by USGS personnel around the Nation. The awardees are Helen Gibbons, Trent Faust, George Havach, Susan Mayfield, Sara Boore, Joy Geiselman, Barbara Lidz, Gaye Farris, Gloria Maender, and Ellen Mecray. Jolene Shirley, who recently began serving as the Web layout editor for Sound Waves; Terry Bruns, who reviews all the articles; and Rob Wertz, who proofreads each issue online, also deserve credit for the newsletter. "Crater Lake Revealed" (USGS Geologic Investigations Series Map I-2790) won a Shoemaker Award for Communication Product Excellence in the print/poster category. This product reveals the depths of Oregon's Crater Lake, which fills part of a caldera formed approximately 7,700 years ago by the eruption and collapse of a 12,000-ft-high volcano called Mount Mazama. Recently, the lake bottom was mapped with a high-resolution multibeam echo sounder originally developed for sea-floor mapping. The new bathymetric survey provides a detailed view of the lake floor from its deepest basins virtually to the shoreline. Using geographic-information-system (GIS) applications, the bathymetry data were visualized and analyzed to shed light on the geology, geomorphology, and geologic history of this area, where future eruptions could threaten people and facilities, including the nearly 500,000 annual visitors to Crater Lake National Park and the major transportation and utility corridor east of the Cascade Range. Awardees are David Ramsey, Peter Dartnell, Charles Bacon, Joel Robinson, James Gardner, and Jane Ciener.

"Glaciers: Alaska's Rivers of Ice" won a Shoemaker Award for Communication Product Excellence in the audio-visual category. This DVD contains about 1 1/2 hours of spectacular video footage of the glaciers of Alaska, plus a narration that explains the components and complexities of the glacier environment, a photo glossary of approximately 100 terms that provide a common vocabulary for all who view the DVD, and graphics that clearly describe and amplify critical concepts in the narration. Targeted at the general public—especially 12- to 18-year-olds—the DVD offers a comprehensive introduction to glaciers and shows that glaciers, a crucial part of the Earth environment, are both sensitive to and predictive of climate change. The awardees are Bruce F. Molnia, E.J. McFaul, and Ralph LaBarge (of Alpha DVD). "Glaciers: Alaska's Rivers of Ice" was released by Alpha DVD as part of its DVD International's Learning Series and is currently available from Amazon.com.

"Is a Powerful Quake Likely to Strike in the Next 30 Years?" (USGS Fact Sheet 039-03) won a Shoemaker Award for Communication Product Excellence in the print/report category. This publication was created as one way to inform the nearly 7 million people living in the greater San Francisco Bay region of the latest scientific evidence and information on the earthquake hazard in the region. It is written in nontechnical language and aims not only to state findings, such as earthquake probabilities on individual faults, but also to explain what these findings mean and how scientists arrived at their conclusions. The overall goal is to stimulate the public and policymakers to further prepare for the powerful quakes that are certain to strike the region in the future. The awardees are Andrew J. Michael, Stephanie L. Ross, Robert W. Simpson, Mary Lou Zoback, David P. Schwartz, Michael L. Blanpied, Peter H. Stauffer, James W. Hendley II, Susan Mayfield, and Sara Boore.

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