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USGS Participates in Two Career Fairs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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In February 2006, personnel from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Woods Hole Science Center took part in two career fairs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): the Impact 2006 Career Expo on February 13 and 14, and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students Association (CEESA) Career Fair on February 28. The invitation to attend was the result of correspondence to MIT alumni Bradford Butman and Richard Signell.

Impact 2006 was a 2-day event that focused on social and environmental concerns and was designed for students who want to leverage their education in science, engineering, and the humanities to make a positive impact on society. The first evening, USGS scientists Dave Foster and Chris Polloni attended an evening presentation by faculty and students. The students expressed interest in entrepreneurial experiences, or at least some freedom to define their path to success in any given project. The evening also included a forum of five panelists who described their paths to success in environmentally sensitive businesses. It culminated with a student-employer networking session attended by Herman Karl, a former member of the USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program and now codirector (with MIT professor Lawrence Susskind) of the MIT-USGS Science Impact Collaborative (MUSIC).

The second day consisted of an afternoon job fair, at which employers conversed with students and gave them a sense of the types of activity available. Ellen Mecray, Chris Polloni, and Herman Karl, assisted by some of Karl's MUSIC students, provided information about USGS coastal and marine research and the MUSIC activities at MIT.

On February 28, Chris Polloni spent the afternoon at the CEESA Career Fair, providing literature and describing research being performed by USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP) scientists. He also provided information on where to look for CMGP jobs that are related to environmental engineering.

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