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USGS Exhibit at Geological Society of America's Northeastern Section Meeting

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Seth Ackerman
Above: Seth Ackerman (right) explains the role of side-scan sonar in determining the lateral extent and character of marine bottom sediments. Photograph by James Degnan. [larger version]

Carole Johnson greets attendees
Above: Carole Johnson (center, facing camera) greets attendees during the Sunday evening welcome party, after spending the afternoon helping set up the exhibit. Photograph by Joe Ayotte. [larger version]

More than 850 people attended the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America (GSA), held March 12-14, 2007, in Durham, New Hampshire. The Northeastern Section extends from the Province of Ontario eastward to the Atlantic Ocean and southward to the District of Columbia (see map at URL http://www.geosociety.org/sectdiv/). The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s New Hampshire-Vermont Water Science Center organized a USGS exhibit for the meeting, to which volunteers from USGS science centers across the Northeast contributed time and materials. Sea-floor geology, climate change, bedrock-fracture mapping, and contaminants in unconsolidated sediment were among the wide range of topics covered in posters and reports at the exhibit.

Posters presented at the USGS exhibit included "Geologic Mapping of the Seafloor: Boston Harbor and Approaches" by Seth Ackerman and others; "Historical Winter and Spring Trends on New England Lakes and Rivers," by Glenn Hodgkins; "Detailed Aquifer Mapping in Upstate New York," by Richard J Reynolds; "The Effect of Groundwater on Estimates of Reservoir Firm Yield," by Stacy Archfield; "New Hampshire Seacoast Ground-Water Availability Study," by Tom Mack and Marilee Horn; "Modeling the Probability of Arsenic in New England Drinking Water," by Laura Hayes and Joe Ayotte; "Fractured Bedrock Well Yield Probabilities in the Pinnardville Quadrangle," by Rich Moore and others; and "Precipitation Runoff Modeling System (PRMS): A Watershed Modeling Study in the Pomperaug River Basin, Connecticut," by David Bjerklie and others.

More than 730 USGS reports, Circulars, Fact Sheets, and CDs were distributed during the 4-day meeting. In addition to offering information at the exhibit, numerous USGS scientists also presented results from completed and ongoing studies through presentations and posters at formal sessions during the meeting.

Special thanks are extended to Carole Johnson for helping set up the exhibit; Keith Robinson, Tom Mack, Phil Harte, Sarah Flanagan, and Thor Smith for helping staff the exhibit; Rich Moore for helping pack out; and the New England Disciplines Management Council (NEDMAC) of the USGS for their support of the exhibit.

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