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Christine Fadeley Receives Superior Service Award

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Christine Fadeley
Above: Superior Service Award recipient Christine Fadeley.

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) program analyst Christine Fadeley of the Florida Integrated Science Center office in Gainesville, Florida, has been awarded a Department of the Interior (DOI) Superior Service Award for her "exceptional service in support of biological science." Superior Service Awards are granted for significant acts, services, or achievements that materially aid the successful accomplishment of DOI and USGS missions. Christine, who received the award in a ceremony held February 6, 2008, in Gainesville, has dedicated her career to supporting scientists in accomplishing their important research mission. She maintains an unwavering professionalism and is respected and appreciated for her thoroughness, attention to detail, and sincerity.

Here is an excerpt from the award letter written to Christine by USGS Director Mark Myers:

"You have maintained the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout your career, which you began as a Clerk Typist at the Leetown Science Center in 1980. Through perseverance and dedication, you advanced your career to become a Budget Analyst, often serving as Acting Administrative Officer for the Leetown Science Center. In 1995, you assumed the role of Procurement Specialist for the Florida Integrated Science Center in Gainesville, Florida. In that role, you continued to demonstrate your attention to detail and commitment to accuracy, resulting in more than $20,000 of savings to the Center. In March 2006, you accepted the role of Program Analyst coordinating biology science information and processes. You quickly and efficiently organized the new Fundamental Science Practices and Publication Service Center policies into readily accessible and easy-to-understand tables to help scientists and managers determine workflows for information-product review and approval processes. Your commitment to helping the science staff effectively and efficiently accomplish the mission of the Bureau has been repeatedly recognized by your supervisors and reaffirmed through awards given to you by the scientists themselves. It is my pleasure to recognize you for your outstanding role and dedicated career in helping the U.S. Geological Survey move forward in accomplishing its science mission.”

Congratulations to Christine on this recognition of her devoted career in public service!


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