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USGS Woods Hole Science Center Welcomes Cheryl Hapke

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Meredith Kratzmann, Erika Lentz, and Mike Bradley
Above: (Left to right) Hapke's graduate students Meredith Kratzmann (in red) and Erika Lentz, and research associate Mike Bradley, all of the University of Rhode Island, conducting beach and dune surveys at Fire Island National Seashore. Photograph by Cheryl Hapke, USGS. [larger version]

Hapke collecting real-time kinematic (RTK) global-positioning-system (GPS) beach profiles at Fire Island National Seashore as part of a topographic study of the beach and dune.
Above: Hapke collecting real-time kinematic (RTK) global-positioning-system (GPS) beach profiles at Fire Island National Seashore as part of a topographic study of the beach and dune. Data have been collected seasonally in late March and late September for the past 3 years; data collection will continue for at least 2 more years. The NPS Northeast Regional Office in Boston is currently funding this research. Photograph by Mike Bradley, University of Rhode Island. [larger version]
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s Woods Hole Science Center is pleased to welcome USGS scientist Cheryl J. Hapke, who has changed her duty station from the University of Rhode Island (URI), Kingston, to Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Hapke is attached to the USGS' Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (PWRC). Before joining PWRC in 2005, Hapke was with the USGS Western Coastal and Marine Geology Team in Santa Cruz, California, where her research focused on coastal landslides and other coastal-erosion hazards. Hapke's specialty is coastal geology, and she will continue to work in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS) on coastal issues. She is also a partner with the North Atlantic Coast Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU), one of a network of 18 CESUs established to provide research, technical assistance, and education to resource and environmental managers.

The collaborative North Atlantic Coast CESU partnership was recognized at the Biennial National Meeting of the CESU Network held June 2008 in Washington, D.C., where the North Atlantic Coast CESU received a distinguished CESU Network National Award for demonstrating collaboration among Federal agencies and academic partners toward the accomplishment of outstanding science, technical assistance, and graduate education to support natural-resource decision making. Hapke was identified as one of the team leaders in this effort, and Bill Schwab and Jeff Williams of the USGS Woods Hole Science Center were included among the supporting scientists.

Hapke, USGS civil engineer John Warner, and Schwab are currently developing a collaborative program with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the NPS to create a more quantitative understanding of the processes controlling the coastal-sediment budget along the Fire Island National Seashore on southern Long Island, New York. Hapke will also continue to work with USGS scientists Rob Thieler and Emily Himmelstoss on the National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards project.

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