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DOI Meritorious Service Award for Conservation of Critical Sediment Resources in the Grand Canyon

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Ted Melis receives Meritorious Service Award from Western Regional Director Anne Kinsinger
Above: Ted Melis (left) receives Meritorious Service Award from Western Regional Director Anne Kinsinger, while Western Region Chief Scientist Brian Cole (at podium) reads the award citation. Photograph by Mike Diggles, USGS. [larger version]

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) coastal and marine scientists specializing in the study of sediment transport have played a major role in research on sand in the Grand Canyon, adapting marine-science techniques and instruments to study this important resource. Their frequent collaborator, USGS hydrologist Ted Melis, recently won a U.S. Department of the Interior Meritorious Service Award, the second highest Departmental honor award that can be granted to a career employee. The award was celebrated at the USGS 2008 Western Region Awards Ceremony on February 24, 2009, in Menlo Park, California, where Western Region Chief Scientist Brian Cole read the following citation:

"As the Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center Program Manager for Physical Resources, Ted Melis has managed a wide range of studies related to conservation of critical sediment resources in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. He developed a comprehensive program to respond to information needs of managers and stakeholders participating in the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program, and assembled and led a team of scientists from the USGS and academic institutions to meet those needs. Dr. Melis was an agency leader in developing and testing innovative laser and acoustic technologies capable of measuring sediment-transport rates at remote locations in the Colorado River in real time. This information has been critical to stakeholder deliberations and decisions related to controlled floods aimed at restoring sandbars and related habitats in the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon. Dr. Melis has worked with managers and stakeholders to develop and evaluate operating plans for Glen Canyon Dam that have advanced scientific understanding and conservation of the Colorado River ecosystem in the Grand Canyon. He continues to provide leadership in implementing a multidisciplinary ecosystem approach to providing scientifically sound information to the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program and to the Department of the Interior. For his outstanding contributions to the USGS in understanding and conservation of sediment resources in the Colorado River and support of the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program, Dr. Theodore S. Melis is granted the Meritorious Service Award of the Department of the Interior."

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